What Goes Where : Toddle Understanding of the World

What Goes Where is a fun puzzle game where children can explore a beach, kitchen, bathroom and more. Simply drag and drop the objects into the right place in the scene to hear cool sound effects and complete the picture!

The children will really thinking hard about where the objects should go, and celebrating when they had got it right! Puzzles like this are good for challenging children’s logical thinking to fit the pieces in the correct place.

What Goes Where also has familiar themes, like a kitchen or a city, helping develop children’s understanding of the world. We found our testers were naming objects as they placed them, and it also gave them the opportunity to discuss the scenes. Some of the pieces are quite small and need more focus and coordination to fit correctly, supporting preschooler’s fine motor skills.

What others said:

“I can see where that goes.” – Girl aged 4
“That goes next to the fridge.” (kitchen puzzle) – Boy aged 4

Skills Developed:

  • Good for logical thinking
  • Develops children’s understanding of the world
  • Supports fine motor skills

Class Activities


Date : 01 Nov 2016

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